“I am not my mind. I am not my body. I am not even my soul. If you take the time to look deep into my eyes, you will see that 

I am Life Speaking.”

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Books by Tiffany Michellé

Between me & you and a soul's stroll

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A Soul's Stroll

A 40 Day Journey to Discovering Spiritual Enlightenment

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A Soul's Stroll is a journey filled with positivity & inspiration guiding you closer to the beautiful spirit within. Join us on this divine journey to discovering your spiritual enlightenment!


Between Me & You

Letting my literary juices flow

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Between Me & You is a multifaceted masterpiece comprised of poetry and motivational thought on a ray of diverse levels. This book is entertaining, educational, enlightening and even a little sexy. Its contents touch every component of human and spiritual life. It covers love, money, happiness, sexuality, and other real life entities that we all deal with no matter our gender, religion or ethnicity. An extremely exciting read! 

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